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The 2024 GOP Caucus is scheduled for Tuesday March 5

The Republican Party of Summit County, Utah, Announces Pre-Registration and Locations for the March 5, 2024 Republican Presidential Caucuses.

Republican voters in counties throughout Utah will be holding the 2024 Presidential Preference Poll at Neighborhood Caucus Night, Tuesday March 5.

Park City, -– February 26, 2024 – The Republican Party of Summit County, Utah, today announced pre-registration and precinct locations for the 2024 Presidential Preference Poll at Neighborhood Caucus Night (Caucus Night), to be held Tuesday, March 5, 2024. This will replace the Presidential Primary and will determine the allocation of Utah’s National Delegates to the Republican National Convention.

Caucus-goers will also select precinct chairs as well as county and state delegates to represent their precinct.

Summit County GOP will hold Caucus Night at the following three locations, depending upon voter precincts:

  • Ecker Hill Middle School, Park City
  • North Summit High School, Coalville
  • South Summit Middle School, Kamas

County Republicans can search for their precinct, caucus location, and pre-register for Caucus Night, by visiting the Utah GOP website and specifically, the Precinct Locator and Pre-Registration links. When voters register online, the location of their caucus meeting will be displayed.

“Summit County Republicans will make their voices heard on March 5,” said Melanie Monestere, chair of the Summit County GOP. “We’re excited to bring family, friends and neighbors together to connect and cast their votes for the Republican Presidential nominee and select precinct party leaders.”

In order to participate in Caucus Night, whether you are pre-registered or register on-site, voters must bring a government photo ID to verify who they are, get credentialed, and receive their ballots. Only registered Republicans will be allowed to caucus. County residents may register to vote Republican at Caucus Night if they are not registered or registered “unaffiliated,” but a government photo ID will also be required.

Helpful Links to register and find your precinct:
Utah State GOP Website – https://utgop.org/
Pre-register for the Caucus – https://utgop.org/
Find Your Precinct – https://precinctportal.org/
Register or Check Your Voter Registration – https://vote.utah.gov/
Volunteer to be a Precinct Host – Contact: rbdaniells@gmail.com

Please visit our caucus page for more information

The Summit County Utah Republican Party Stands for..

  • Freedom of religion
  • Free market enterprise which allows us to prosper & advance
  •  “We The People”, not “We the Government” also known as individual freedom not government oppression. Government properly exists by the consent of the governed
  • The U.S. Constitution should be honored and upheld
  •  The Constitutional mandate to protect and secure our national borders
  • Personal responsibility, family and hard work
  • Quality choices in education, all children should have access to quality education
  • Equal Treatment of all races, religions and incomes
  • Clean air and water, keep the earth clean and green with reasonable laws
  • The power to tax is also the power to control, and we believe that the best way to control government is to strictly control the amount of taxes imposed on the people