About Us

The current Summit County Executive Board was voted into office in March of 2023. All were newcomers to the board, with the exception of South Summit Regional Chair, Jerry Heck. Though we did not know each other before, we found we share an America First philosophy. And we’ve all hit the ground running, anxious to serve the people of Summit County.

The Summit County Utah Republican Party Executive Committee shall consist of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Regional Chairs representing the North Summit area, the South Summit area, and 2 for the Park City Area.

As a wife, mother, and a Utahn, I am thankful for this incredible state and the wonderful people, past and present, who have built our communities. The shared values of faith, family, and freedom, along with hard work and dedication, have been the bedrock of Summit County. I am dedicated to working for a healthy, prosperous, and thriving future for the people of Summit County and future generations. 

Rod relocated from California where he lived the better part of his life growing up in the great central valley starting in Bakersfield and ending up in Sacramento.  This is where he attended college and met his wife of 47 years.

Rod has been a general building contractor since 1979 and loves building solar homes and sustainable structures. 

He moved to Summit County after the family bought a 7 acre property in Silver Creek, moving here with his younger son and his family.  He and his wife Lori have two sons and 4 grandchildren.

Rod became a State Delegate for Summit County and the Upper Silver Creek precinct and attended his first GOP convention two years ago.  He feels strongly about conservative values and wants to build the party here in Summit County.

“We need to keep Utah a Red State and not let it slip away like the nearby states of Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.  There are many changes coming our way in the next few years and we all need to step up and do everything we can to conserve our moral life style and not let it slip away into confusion.  We must work to maintain the original Constitution and rule of law and abolish woke laws which will destroy our beautiful Country as we know it.”

Marjorie grew up in Los Angeles, CA as a fourth generation native. In 2020 she came to Utah for her love for the outdoors and smaller town living.

She also fled California due to taxes, tyranny and traffic. Marjorie got a degree in Marketing and Tourism from Arizona State University. She has been in the meeting and event industry for over 30 years. She currently owns and runs Corporate Global Events working with companies and non-profit conferences with their budgeting, planning and logistics for all aspects of meetings and travel. She has managed budgets of over $2M for her clients and currently manages her families investments, taxes and accounting. 

She has been a lifetime fiscally conservative advocate and was invited to attend President Reagan’s inauguration in 1985 due to student leadership. She also remembers voting for President George H Bush when she was legally able to vote. She is passionate about bringing logic and an active voice from our neighbors to instill conservative values here in our community! It is time for people to step up and speak up.

In her spare time, Marjorie enjoys travel, hiking, pickleball, skiing, cooking, concerts and being outdoors with friends.

Jay’s formative years were located in the Catskill Mountains, skied the North East and went to College in the Adirondacks near Plattsburgh AFB. Married Mary Kay in 1981. Moved to Wake County, NC in 1995. Served as a uniformed Scout Leader for 15 years, walked 1800 miles on the Appalachian Trail. Is certified as a PADI Rescue Diver. 

We moved to Summit County after frequently visiting our children in Utah for 10 years. We now have two sets of grandkids who are attending schools here and whose parents have sunk permanent roots in Summit County. 

Mary Kay and I have traveled the country in our camper, love to visit small towns and back country places. There is nowhere more beautiful than the Wasatch Back, unless we allow that to change.

Jay is a lifelong Republican and NRA Life Member, ardent defender of the US Constitution as written and our founding form of government. Prior NC GOP Precinct Chair & Region Vice Chair.

Our Country has crossed a road that should never have been allowed to cross. It’s time to step back from such a disastrous place. Let’s take the cross walk back together and regain our footing for the sake of our children and our communities.

Favorite Recent Poem: “Prayer For April Blessings” 🌸 By Karen Michele Raines

Force of wind
And warmth of sun,
Compel the seeds
Of good we’ve done!
Scatter far and scatter wide,
That truth reveal what dark can’t hide.

Jimmy May

Jimmy May recently retired from his career as a database architect working for three Fortune 50 companies and an entrepreneurial startup.  He has been politically aware since college when he became a Reagan Conservative.  Moving from the northleft coast largely because of its regressive politics, he was shocked to discover that even in the free state of Utah he faced some of the same political nonsense that brought him here.  Realizing he couldn’t escape, he chose to fight back.  Jimmy began with local grassroots organizations such as helping build & manage The DePourables (motto: Wine & Politics—what could go wrong?), fighting woke & racist ideologies in our schools at the local & state levels, & now contributing to the revival of the Summit County GOP in his new role of Park City Regional Chair.  Jimmy is joined in his battle against regressive policies not only by his fellow Great Americans in Summit County & also by his lovely new bride, Allison.

This September, my wife Betty Ann and I will have lived in Oakley for three years. I am also a Regional Captain with Utah Convention of States. The mission of the Convention of States is to call an Article V Convention for the specific purpose of crafting Amendments to the Constitution for: term limits of Congress and Federal Courts, rein in regulations and curtail excessive spending.

We first visited Park City to ski during Spring Break ‘88, as we were both teachers in Palm Beach County, FL. In the early 90’s I served on Haverhill Town Council. My escape from the eductopian-cabal landed me with a plumbing gig on the island town of Palm Beach. The pinnacle of my plumbing experiences occurred during the renovation of Mar-A-Largo home of our then President to be. Later we moved to New Mexico and became active with the Chaves County GOP and twice I ran for city council.

In the mid-80’s I enlisted in the Florida Army National Guard as a Generator Mechanic, later completed Officer Candidate School and was assigned to the Air Defense Artillery in West Palm Beach. Transferring from the Guard to the Reserve I transitioned from Air Defense to Civil Affairs; mobilized for deployments to Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq. Also, I served on missions to Korea, Honduras, Saudi Arabia and Haiti; retired in 2016.

In Roswell, NM I worked as a ROTC contractor at the New Mexico Military Institute. Also, in Roswell we begun to invest and manage rental properties. And yes, the aliens are real!

Following the fake election, sleepless nights and the over consumption of salty, fat-laden carbohydrates I assumed the part of the Happy Warrior and reasserted within the Churchillian philosophy of never, never, never surrender! I strive to practice what I learned from our Finnish allies in Bosnia, the concept of Sisu. Sisu is described as: stoic determination, tenacity of purpose, grit, bravery, resilience, and hardiness.

Most weekdays during the season we ski. We have a grandson, a very talkative cat and twowoke daughters. God help us and God bless America!

Katie Harmon grew up in Utah County, where she developed a deep love for the natural beauty of the Uintah mountains through camping, fishing, and hiking. Her passion for the area led her and her husband to make Summit County their home for the past six years, where they are raising their young son. As a dedicated homemaker, Katie cherishes the values of family, faith, and service, and she is committed to creating a nurturing and loving environment for her family.

Katie’s early foray into politics as a country delegate at the age of 18 ignited her passion for public policy and governance. She has remained actively engaged in local politics and is committed to promoting strong grassroots movements in Summit County. She envisions a future where the voices of the community are heard, and where grassroots efforts play a vital role in shaping the county’s direction and policies.

In addition to her involvement in politics, Katie holds a degree in Biology from Utah Valley University and has had a successful career as a Pharmacy Technician. With experience in various roles, including an infusion clinic, hospital, billing, and clinical services pharmacy, she has developed a deep understanding of the healthcare industry.

In addition to her involvement in politics and her commitment to her family and community, Katie is also an avid enthusiast of outdoor activities. She enjoys camping, fishing, kayaking, and hiking in the stunning natural landscapes of Summit County. She also has a keen interest in gardening and woodworking, which allow her to express her creativity and love for DIY projects. Furthermore, Katie holds a ham radio license and is CERT certified, showcasing her dedication to community preparedness and safety.

Katie’s strong values, dedication to service, and commitment to her family and community make her a respected and influential member of Summit County. She is passionate about making a positive impact in her community and looks forward to a future where grassroots movements thrive and contribute to a bright and prosperous Summit County.

Tory Welch was raised in Phoenix Arizona and moved to Morgan Utah in 2000 where he graduated from high school in 2003. He worked as a ranch hand and for a small landscaping company through high school until enlisting in the U.S. Army, having graduated high school at the age of 17.

Tory was permanently stationed at Ft. Stewart Georgia as a heavy construction equipment operator. He deployed twice in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom where he led and assisted in the construction and repair of roads, airfields, bridges, outposts, security perimeters, and much more.

In 2008, after 5 years Tory exited the Army for a career more conducive to raising a young family. Upon returning to Utah he immediately began an apprenticeship to become a Journeyman Lineman with Rocky Mountain Power. Tory lived and worked all across Utah, including in the Park City area, during his time as a lineman and considers it an honor to have kept the lights on for the people of his state and county.

After nearly a decade with Rocky Mountain Power Tory left employment to establish a construction company which focuses on underground utilities excavation and power line installation. The majority of his company’s work is performed in Summit and Wasatch County which gives him special insight into many of the issues the Wasatch Back faces such as regulation, land use and housing.

Tory is married and has 4 children ages 9-16 with his high school sweetheart of nearly 22 years. He and his family love to enjoy the beauty of Utah’s outdoors when they aren’t sprinting from one youth sporting event to the next.

A profound gratitude is at the heart of Tory’s political and social ethic which is guided by his faith and a deep interest in world history. His time in the military strongly reinforced his appreciation for America’s remarkable position of freedom and comfort in the world, as well as the vigilance and toil required to preserve it.

Tory fervently believes that America was founded and built upon principles that have resulted in the greatest era of liberty and prosperity in all of human history and though we may have further yet to fully realize those values, his home – The United States of America – is a land of good.

Below are the job descriptions for the Summit County Utah Republican Party Executive Committee and also the county and county state delegate and precinct chair positions.